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Eye Test Glasses

Spring / Summer 2023

April 2023

This seasons newsletter has articles on:

  • Keeping an eye on glaucoma - Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects around two per cent of over-40s in the UK.

  • Protecting your sight on holiday - while sunshine might improve our mood, it’s not always beneficial for our eyes.

  • Lifestyle choices for eye health - Our eyes benefit from the wider lifestyle choices we make. We make some recommendations for healthier living that can bring particular benefits to our vision and long-term eye health.

  • The benefits of different frame styles - Our team is trained to help you choose the best frame fit for you and ensure clear vision in all directions.

Eye Trial Frame

Autumn / Winter 2022

October 2022

This seasons Newsletter has articles on

  • Understanding myopia - which can develop in childhood. Signs often include headaches, holding objects close and eye-rubbing.

  • Pitfalls of online purchasing - why you need you glasses professionally prescribed and fitted.

  • The advantages of sports eyewear - In sport, optimal performance is vital, particularly having clear vision.

  • How contact lenses can complement glasses - there are activities where contact lenses will offer unique advantages. We discuss some scenarios where contact lenses can suit your needs and lifestyle.

Eye Exam

Spring / Summer 2022

April 2022

In this Newsletter you will find the following articles:

Seasons in the sun - all about eyewear and eyecare in the summer.

The eyes have it - all about the uniqueness of our eyes

Choosing glasses for children - tells you why regular examinations for children are important.

Top tips to take care of your contact lenses - all about caring for your contact lenses.

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