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Top tips for wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses come in a variety of forms, from soft daily disposables to hard reusable lenses. Whichever option you choose, these tips should ensure your lenses are comfortable and effective at all times:

  • Always handle with clean hands. When removing disposable lenses, clean and dry hands to prevent impurities coming into contact with your eyes.

  • Insert lenses before applying skincare products. Once inserted, you can safely apply make-up, or moisturiser/suncream (avoid around the eyes).

  • Give the lenses a moment to settle after insertion. Ensure each lens fits comfortably and provides sharp vision before going about your day.

  • Always use fresh solution to rinse lenses. Tap water isn’t sterile because it contains microbes which can contaminate lenses or cases. We sell impurity-free saline solutions.

  • Only clean reusable lenses with recommended solutions. Don’t use these solutions beyond their expiry date, and replace lens cases regularly to prevent germ build up.

  • Wear non-prescription sunglasses. Even contact lenses with UV filters don’t provide total UV protection, so sunglasses are advisable in bright conditions.

  • Consider multifocal contact lenses. Older patients might benefit from multifocal lenses which offer support at near and far distances alike.

  • Invest in eye drops. Eyes can feel dry while wearing lenses. We stock eye drops, which keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

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