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Seasons in the Sun - Eye Protection for Summer

For many people, 2022 will provide the first opportunity in three years to enjoy a summer break abroad, or jet off on a summer holiday. Amid all the excitement of dusting down suitcases and anticipating sunshine, it’s important to remember our eyes won’t be as happy to see the sun as we will.

Sunglasses are central to effective eye protection. If existing sunglasses are old or scratched, schedule an eye test to ensure their prescription remains up to date. If you need a new pair, we stock a comprehensive range to suit all ages, with various lens options available. Never take cracked or damaged sunglasses away with you – if they fall apart mid-holiday, your eyes could be exposed to dangerous amounts of ultraviolet light. Also avoid cosmetic sunglasses, which may not offer the 100% UV protection our lenses provide.

Effective eyecare also involves appropriate clothing. Wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps keep direct sunlight at bay, preventing heat stroke, sunburned scalps and eyestrain. Suncream should be lightly but regularly applied, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Try to choose a water-repellent brand, so a quick dip won’t wash it off.

Always test suncream before setting off, since some brands contain ingredients and fragrances capable of causing eye irritation. Immediately treat stinging or burning by flushing your eyes out with running water and applying cool damp cloths. Avoid eye rubbing, as this may increase irritation.

Finally, the above advice also applies to children as well as grown-ups. Youngsters may struggle to tell you that their head hurts or skin feels hot, so ensure they’re appropriately protected at all times.

Pack snug-fitting sunglasses and wide hats, ensure suncream is regularly and liberally applied, and drink plenty of water.

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