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Welcome to the website of Andrew Martin & Associates - Optometrists. We hope that you will find something here to interest you, whether you already are a patient at the practice, or are visiting for the first time.

We are independent optometrist and opticians with practices on Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, and Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield. The practices are owned and managed by optometrist Andrew Martin, assisted by his associates and other practice staff. All at the practice staff aim to provide you with the highest standards of professional eye care and quality products at sensible prices. Why not take a look at our 5 point promise of quality and value?

We provide personal, friendly eye care for all the family, from childhood to old age. Comprehensive eye examinations are supported by the latest diagnostic instruments, including digital eye photography.

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Eye Exam

Our Promise

Individual Service

Our promise is to treat you as an individual and only recommend glasses that meet your needs.

It's essential to wear a style that really suits you, so our dispensing staff are trained to help you choose the right frame for your looks, lifestyle and budget. And we promise to take the time to ensure your glasses fit properly, are comfortable and give you the best possible vision.

  • Great Frame Choice

You'll find hundreds of great looking frames at our practice, including designs made from ultra-light titanium which are very comfortable to wear.

Our selection is regularly updated so that you can choose from the latest styles available. You'll find leading designer ranges, classic styles, rimless and contemporary frames - all competitively priced.

  • High Quality Lenses

We use modern high quality lenses, including advanced varifocals and ultra-thin lightweight designs, to give you better vision and make your glasses look more attractive.

Modern contact lenses also offer many benefits and our soft disposable lenses are so comfortable you'll soon forget you're even wearing them! We offer a no-obligation trial to assess your suitability.

  • Full Eye Test

There's much more to an eye test at our practice than just checking if you need glasses. Our detailed assessment of your eye health can reveal conditions that may affect your sight if untreated.

We promise to give you a full explanation of your vision and eye health. You are welcome to ask any questions you might have, and you'll be given a copy of your prescription

  • Excellent Value

We promise that quality eyewear is affordable at our practice. You'll find our prices are as attractive as our frames, giving you excellent value whatever your budget and choice of glasses.

For a limited period we're offering you even better value than usual. So why not take advantage of our Extra Value Offers and call us now for an appointment.

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Comprehensive Eye Care

Your Eye Examination Explained

Putting Your Eye Health First

Your eyesight is your most precious sense and deserves the highest standards of professional care. Without good vision it is difficult to enjoy most everyday activities, including reading, driving and watching television.
Poor sight may also indicate the presence of potentially serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, or general health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.
Because eye conditions often develop slowly, you may not notice any initial symptoms. That is why it is essential to have your eyes examined regularly by an optometrist. The sooner any problem is detected, the greater the chance of it being treated successfully.
This page explains what happens during an eye examination at our practice and how we will take care of your vision. We recommend that you read it carefully as it will help you to understand and look after your eyesight.If you have any concerns about your vision, you should contact us immediately. We provide quality eye care and will always take as much time as necessary to examine your eyes thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Lenses

Have you ever thought about contact lenses?

There's never been a better time to wear contact lenses. Thanks to new designs and materials, they're very comfortable and affordable. These days contact lenses usually cost no more than a pair of glasses and you'll soon forget you're wearing them.

Minor Eye Condition Examination

An NHS Service for recent Minor Eye Problems

If you have a recent eye problem, such as a sore eye, red eye, or visual disturbance, you may be eligible to be seen under our local Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS).

Conditions that can be seen under the service include:

  • Red Eye or Eyelids.

  • Dry Eye or Gritty and Uncomfortable Eyes.

  • Irritation or Inflammation of the Eyes or Eyelids.

  • Sticky Discharge from the Eyes.

  • Significant Watering from the Eyes.

  • Recently Occurring Flashes or Floaters.

  • In-growing Eyelashes.

  • Recent and Sudden Loss of Vision.

  • Foreign Body in the Eye.

If you are unsure if your symptoms can be assessed by the service then contact us for advice.

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Careful eye tests which have unfailingly resulted in comfortable specs which give great vision. Nice range of quality frames. Been a customer for over 30 years.

A longstanding patiient

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Our Products

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Our shop features an impressive collection of all types of eye care products. No matter your personal taste or budget, you’ll find all sorts of Eyeglasses at our store. Need help? Get in touch today!

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66 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5TJ

Boldmere Road - 0121 354 6411 - Lichfield Road - 0121 308 1886

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